Brands | January 15, 2016


Mr Stephan Hinkerode is the new Marcolin Deutschland GMBH general manager

words Editorial staff

Stephan Hinkerode will take the lead of Marcolin Deutschland from 1st January 2016. Here is the Ceo Marcolin Group Giovanni Zoppas’ comment: “Germany is a very relevant European Country in terms of business. So far we are performing well and have outstanding relationships with the independent opticians, however, considering our large brand portfolio, the company will start to widen and improve with Deutsch Key Accounts as well. For that reason Stephan Hinkerode has been appointed as Dach General Manager, thanks to his strong background in the eyewear industry, being responsible for the development of prestigious luxury brands in this specific commercial sales channel. We thank Juergen Maderer for his contribution to Marcolin’s success and we wish him the best for the future”.