Campaign | January 15, 2016

The Gaze of a creator

Jérémy Tarian has always lived in big cities and he has derived inspirations from its shapes, but also from nature, as it happens in his extraordinary last campaign

words  Carolina Saporiti

Paris and eyewear are synonymous for Jérémy Tarian. Born and raised in La Ville Lumière, Jérémy has followed in his father’s footsteps. Along with his enriched family heritage in legendary eyewear, these fond childhood memories and his respect of the environment are warmly intertwined throughout his collections. In addition, his intellectual curiosity and appreciation of nature’s elements are revealed in his contemporary eyewear designs. “I always ride my bicycle and this allow me a more personal perspective and view of contours, balance and symmetry”, he explains. From here Jérémy started to create frames that would manifest tradition, timeless style and excellent craftsmanship. Jérémy’s objective is blending art and nature’s elements, with fine materials, quality production and gifted artisans. That’s why he enjoys working with a mix of acetate and metal, and experimenting with various colour contrasts. Production is restricted to only 500 pieces for each collection, resulting in a limited edition that is original and unique. The designer received two Silmo d’Or. The latest Jérémy Tarian’s frames recreate nature’s most beautiful and pure elements as the last campaign, made in collaboration with the young photographer Kate Fichard, shows.

Tell us about your story as a photographer…

When I started with photography, I was making more report and documentary pictures. A few years later, when I considered myself ready, I started working on body expression and staging. Since 2012, I have been working as a freelance photographer; I try to create a universe that looks like me, matching my personal work and the commercial one.

Do you share Jérémy’s visions of beauty and nature?

I don’t know, we don’t really talk about it. We mostly share humor and good times!

Did you work together with Jérémy or independently?

After Jérémy shows me his collection and his mood, I’m completely free. I look for ideas and inspirations; I propose them to Jeremy, who usually agrees any creative idea. I have in front of me the coolest client of the world!

What about your creative process?

Once I find the right idea, I look for the artistic direction to make: light, colour of the background, models, hair/make-up, fashion, just trying to create a linear and coherent set. I always would prefer to remain in the most minimalist and simple lines as possible.

What kind of person do you love to work with?

I really like working with set designers or dancers.

What is the most beautiful aspect of your job? And the worst?

The most beautiful aspect of my job is to be free! And the worst is not making enough beautiful things due to a lack of financial resources.

What is more difficult for you, taking advertising shots or artistic ones?

Taking adv is generally defined by a mockup. Usually my clients leave me more and more freedom with art direction, that’s pleased me a lot! So for me, it’s not the most difficult part of the job, because I feel comfortable with it. The difficult thing is to find a solution very quickly when it doesn’t work during the shooting. Taking artistic shoots, as a personal work, is often more difficult for me, because it’s more spontaneous, so I need to structure my work to know better what I really want to express.