Campaign | February 20, 2016

Komono – Funky Touch!

words Carolina Saporiti

Komono launched a new capsule collection curated by the charismatic artist Baloji. Critically acclaimed for his modern interpretation of Congolese music, Baloji infused his savvy and modern style into four styles of Komono sunglasses. This capsule has been launched simultaneously with Baloji’s new record 64bits & Malachite, where all four unique styles are featured in the artworks. The collection embraces African elegance, of its era and current trends while drawing from a past colonial aesthetic model that remains constant as a powerful inspiration and influence. Gold because it has that ostentatious quality, yet the malachite remains dominant and sometimes resembles a green African tortoiseshell. The Kitoko frame is inspired by 80s hip-hop styling and by the glasses worn by Baudouin I, the Belgian king (1951-1993) nicknamed “Mwana Kitoko”. The Dizzy frame is a true artist’s style to be worn on stage, yet the small details make these sunglasses classy and elegant. Tshala Muana AKA the Congolese Donna Summer is a living legend. She inspired Baloji to develop the Tshala model, a libertine style with feminine gold rims. Mujinga is a tribute to Baloji’s mother. It was thanks to her big, almond-shaped eyes that he recognized her amidst the crowds when they met for the first time after 25 years.