Brands | February 20, 2016

Tavat SoupCan Acetate

The unique features of the Classic SoupCan Design

words Editorial staff

Following on the success of TAVAT’s SoupCan Collection, TAVAT presents SoupCan Acetate.
The unique features of the Classic SoupCan Design have been mirrored with detailed milling from laminated acetate to achieve the same look and feel. The perfect, lightweight solution for someone who loves the TAVAT SoupCan design but needs to wear a prescription up-to 16 hours a day. Each frame is available with a custom fitted clip-on equipped with TAVAT ‘TLT’ Lenses which provide excellent protection from UV & damaging HEV light whilst at the same time enhancing definition.

TAVAT presented two shapes this Opti!: ‘Pantos | A’ and ‘Pantos R | A’ both available in six colours with a custom clip-on. Two more shapes will quickly join the collection and be presented this MIDO.