Notes | June 24, 2016

FEB31st a new wooden era

words Editorial staff

In February 2016, at the MIDO, FEB31st presented its “rivets” micro-collection. And in fact rivets are the centre point of this collection, with an old technology being applied to FEB31st glasses to celebrate the union between innovation and tradition. The soft and rounded shapes are reminiscent of the models made famous by the writers and travellers of the last century, while the proportions benefit from the minimal thicknesses that can be obtained from wood using FEB31st Flexy Soul technology.

The Truman, Herman and Scott models are the FEB31st interpretation of the pantos form using rivets, Zelda is a “petite” feminine frame and Dino represents a type of eyewear which is generous in terms of shape and use of material. Eco and Ellis are tauter, more airy lines. Two new colours have been added to the 32 already on the palette: Granite and Oak. Sharing a dense material and tactile texture, with a clearly visible grain, the first is a grey which brings to mind the colour of wood burnt by the sun, while the second is a warm and natural wood tone of medium intensity. Kathrin Schuster joined the FEB31st design team in September 2015 and has brought a light feminine touch to the FEB31st collection, playing on fine, airy forms and balanced proportions.

Continuous research by the FEB31st laboratory has produced an even better performing version of its own 13 layer wood “sandwich”. The insertion of a thin and flexible core has made the FEB31st collection more functional and resistant even with very thin frames. Since September 2015 all the models in the FEB31st collection have been produced using this innovative “sandwich”. That’s why FEB31st are the thinnest and strongest wooden glasses available on the market.

FEB31st is taking the “made to measure” concept to new heights to create a truly “tailor-made” programme based on the lifestyle, tastes and mood of the person choosing FEB31st glasses, making use of its proprietary manufacturing base in Valbrembilla (Bg). The “tailor-made” concept is a response to aesthetic and practical needs. Each of the 13 layers that make up the glasses can be selected by choosing freely from a range of 34 colours. To further personalise the frame, it is possible to choose different colour sequences for the temple stems and front frame or include two colours on the same front piece.