Notes | July 19, 2016

Pq eyewear

words Editorial staff

Pq eyewear will light your summer with the eleven new eyewear models launched during Mido for the new optical collection rendered in an endless chromatic range. Basic, tactile colors provide a true synesthesia by evoking velvet-like and délavé effects in the mat monochromes: from light-blue and sage green pastel shades to red and black, passing through contrasting bicolor effects such as burgundy and ochre or ton sur ton.

Designed by Ron Arad, each pq eyewear model is made in a single tech-savvy material, “duraform pa” providing temples with the flexibility of the spinal column and allowing a natural joint-like movement. A collection of sunglasses and eyeglasses whose lightweight models are made without hinges or pins, thus providing a total flexibility and complete mobility of the almost jointed temples. An integrated design system required a long research time to get to the extraordinary D-Frame’s 3D shape, where design meets style thus leaving a mark.