Campaign | August 29, 2016

Tarian Campaign #7 by K-H

words by Editorial staff

The 2017 Tarian collection centres on lustrous acetate that recreates nature’s most beautiful and pure elements: Ivory, Stone, and Marble. Distinctive characteristics of the acetate, made by the acclaimed Italian producers Mazzuchelli, ensure that the quality, durability and craftsmanship are in each design. The final result is frames with unique colourations and finishes that reflect nature’s beauty.

«Beauty is what is comfortable for us», says the designer Jérémy Tarian, and with this in mind, his frames are crafted to define and enhance the wearer’s personality. Jérémy enjoys working with a mix of acetate and metal, and experimenting with various color contrasts. Production is restricted to only 500 pieces each, resulting in a Limited Edition that is original and unique – as well as evoking improved appearance and self-confidence.