Notes | September 7, 2016

Catuma, Surrealist

In this collection steel, stone, granite and acetate are mixed together in order to give birth to a new way to seduce

words Editorial staff

Is a colourful collage the one made by Catuma with the Surrealist collection: linear, squared or unusually diamond shaped steel frames
are complemented by round or hemispherical ones, with a trompe-l’oeil effect given by a border in veneered wood that cuts the lens at the bottom. Surrealist puts together incompatible materials such as steel, varnish, stone, wood and acetate, blending them into real stylistic exercises, and giving birth to aesthetically perfect models, made from a mix of hand-made details and high quality made in Italy.

The new models are added to the collection, launched in September 2015. Multicolored mosaics made of wood veneers with an embroidery effect, embellish frames, referring
to the collage technique used by surrealist period artists. The temples are decorated with water varnish, while the terminals are in marble effect acetate, in order to be completely adaptable to any shape of face.