Interviews | September 20, 2016

Daniel Liktor

Neubau: Sunshine is a Frame of Mind

words by Elisa Zanetti

The new eyebrand from Vienna unites an Austrian background with a cosmopolitan outlook. The brand has just presented its first collection of sunglasses as well as three new prescription models. Inspired by contemporary art, fashion and music, the models reflect the current seitgeist in a refreshing, yet nonchalant trendy way. These selected spectacles ably muster the stretch from meticulous refinement to subtle cool. They can be combined in both edgy and classic ways, and will go plain black just as well six pulsating colours. We had a chat with Daniel Liktor, Business Unit Manager of neubau eyewear.

You say that your brand is both Austrian and cosmopolitan. Which are the Austrian traits and the cosmopolitan ones?

You can see that there are differences: central Europe is more conservative, Nordic countries are more similar to southern region like Spain and Italy. They are a little bit more fast forward, so they have more trendier shapes, double bar like the one we have in sunglasses…
I would say that in general all the glasses are cosmopolitan, but there are some Austrian roots: for example Sigmund. This is an homage to Freud who lived in Vienna and was used to wear round shapes, so there’s a link to the brand. Design is cosmopolitan, but all the glasses are produced in Austria. The company is there, the story is Austrian…

Also the other models are called with personal names: Heinz, Andy, Diana… Why did you choose these names?

Those are the names of people who work for the company: most of them work in product development and in production. This a bit of payback, an homage and a way to say thank you. We also want to show that we have our own production: we don’t buy frames in China and put a logo on them.

The colour is a very important element in this collection. What is its function?

Yes, it’s the same like in fashion and fashion accessories: it makes you look good or not. I make an example: I’ve blonde hair with a bit of red, so I have to check how to underline my look, I can’t wear red glasses, but maybe a green or blue glasses for my blue eyes. It’s a complementation of look. We spend a lot of time thinking about which colours are important for us for the next collection and I think we’re doing quite a good job on that.We try to figure out what trends are and to play with those trends: shiny gold for example or crystal clear…

The collection is a mix of classic lines with something different, for example the upper bar… It’s a kind of mix. Is this a point of contact with Silhouette, certainly a more classic brand?

No, it’s not. It’s a big trend of the moment: if you check what we have in the opticians at the moment it’s like this. it’s a classic trend.

Can you tell us something about the materials of the collection?

We use plastic and metal. Plastic is different to most of what we have out in the market, we don’t work with acetate like most of the brands. We have SPX: it’s a Silhouette material which is very light and in terms of production it gives you a very flexible and comfortable frames. It’s easy to wear, It has a perfect fit that remains for years. It’s very durable. If you leave it in the car in the sun there’s no problem, while acetate frames might lose their shape or change the colour. It’s also “green”: we produce less waste than acetate, because to produce with acetate you have like a block and then you have to cut out the frames, the rest is waste. With SPX we have a tool of form and we inject the material, so the waste is minimal.

Neubau is also a neighborhood in Vienna. Which is your favourite place of this part of the city?

It’s a small nice coffee. It’s very simple and it’s called Espresso. You can go there in the morning and also in the evening… There are students, young creatives are there and in the evening there is a dj set. You can have a bit of food, but it’s meanly about drinks.

What are the future goals of Neubau?

To be well known and accepted and to be a cool brand in many countries we are in. To be received as fashionable, nice and authentic brand.