Notes | September 8, 2016

The New OG Goldsides

The British company celebrates the start of a new decade, with the launch of OG: GOLDSIDES

words Editorial Staff

September 2016 sees Oliver Goldsmith complete an amazing 90 year contribution to the world of eyewear design and the arts (Happy Birthday!). It also marks the start of a new decade that will ultimately lead to a phenomenal and historic centennial celebration for this British Heritage brand. The next 10 years are going to be the most important in the history of this family-run British design company, responsible for creating some of the world‟s most iconic sunglasses and spectacles.

To celebrate this new decade the company launches the stunning OG: Goldside Editions, showcasing two of the most identifiable brand defining designs from the family archive. The Manhattan & Lord will now be available in a combination of warm acetate with stainless steel goldsides, elevating them to a discerning new level. Both will come in 3 colours, including a limited number in raw black & gold accompanied by a flat gold flash mirror sunlens. Only 500 of each will be made in this colour, to mark the end of one OG decade and the start of another. The introduction of the flat sunlens uses early 1900 lens technology but gives these classic frames a very contemporary look… Something OG does best. There will also be a wash of new colours for timeless iconic favourites such as OG KoKo and OG Fuz both made famous by Audrey Hepburn in the 60s.

And finally two new designs will be added to the OG Family Collection which launched last September. London & Fenchurch join the line-up in 5 colours each, both designs being directly related to an OG Icon.
London the off-spring of OG Bude and Fenchurch of OG Casper.