Interviews | October 12, 2016

Etnia Barcelona

Wearing a pair of Etnias is like driving a Rolls Royce. Understand why from the words of the CEO David Pellicer

words Antonella Reina

Etnia Barcelona is a living brand, which absorbs concepts from art, music, photography and urban cultures. Creative director Edu Pitarch talks about the main features of the Etnia dynamic, open, creative and on-going reality.

What is the best question we could ask you?

We’re open to any question. We’re a transparent brand and team. We’re here to be one of the leaders in the industry, and competition motivates us more than anything.

Etnia Barcelona is?

An independent brand that bases all of its activities on three pillars: very strong R&D in terms of colour and colour trends, extreme quality in materials, from mineral lenses to natural acetate, and a strong link with culture that makes us be alive and interesting beyond the world of fashion.

What is the concept behind your brand?

The brand is full of concepts. We are a rich brand that absorbs concepts from art, music, photography, our city, our travels… A brand is not so different from a person, and I’m sure that it would be hard to find just one concept to sum up a person. People and brands are defined by many things, DNA, life history, interests, circumstances, origin… we are a living brand that changes in many aspects; probably the only thing that doesn’t change is our commitment to and obsession with quality. We want to offer you the best.

What is innovative and what is traditional about them?

Traditional is the word for our way of producing the acetate; it’s practically an artisanal process. Innovative is the word for our way of laminating the glasses, with different colours and angles that complicate production.

How would you describe an Etnia frame?

First of all, very well thought-out in terms of design and colour combinations. Then, super-comfortable. And if we’re talking about a pair of sunglasses, the lenses are the best in the world.

You are unique because…

Because of our identity and our innovation, because we work with more than 500 colour references, because of our variety of mineral, polarised, photochromic, HD lenses… because of everything!

What are the unique features of the last collection and its inspiration?

The latest collection contains laminations that no other brand can produce, and the angles are worked in a way that makes the models super-attractive. The inspiration comes directly from the new geometric trend that’s invading fashion and design.

Why this inspiration?

Trends. Trends are what push the industry to outdo itself. The trend right now is geometric, and we’ve invented an industrial process to apply it to our glasses in a unique way.

How much has your brand changed over the years?

I prefer to talk about evolution rather than change. Of course we change, but pushed by our drive to excel, we enrich ourselves, we learn, and we also make mistakes, naturally. But evolved we have. Let’s just say that five years ago we only worked with one collection, and now there are four: Originals, the mother and brand-defining collection; Vintage, with acetates from the 70s; Advanced, with an ultra-light material called nanoflex; and our capsule collections linked to great artists.

Achievements and things you are still striving for…

We’re a brand that never stops creating, and this growth requires us to organise and size our structure to be able to offer quality service. When you grow 25% every year, you are continually increasing production capacity, and this takes time and operational and organisational capacity that each year must also grow.

What feeling do people get from wearing your frames?

I’ll tell you a story. We heard that a group of friends went out to play golf together. Only one of them was wearing Etnia Barcelona sunglasses. Well, every time it was someone’s turn to take a swing, they only wanted to do it with the “etnias” because the lenses enabled them to see the ball much better. And so the etnias were passed around to let the person hitting the ball wear them.

How does the world look through a pair of EB glasses?

You may see the world as more colourful, more cultural through a pair of Etnia glasses, but above all you’ll see it 70 time more clearly, without your eyes getting hot and without reflections. Internally we say that wearing a pair of Etnia glasses is like driving a Rolls Royce. Have you ever driven a Rolls Royce? What are you waiting for?