Fairs | October 10, 2016

Silmo 2016

Celebrating Technologies and Trends

words Editorial Staff

33,771 visitors from 122 countries, 56.5% from abroad and 43.5% from France, these are Silmo’s numbers. Over the four days of the fair, the aisles were crammed with bustling stands and opticians captivated by stimulating products. This edition was particularly notable for a proliferation of innovations combining the expertise of eyewear and lens manufacturers with new technologies. The focal points of the exhibition: customisation, support for visually impaired people and point-of-sale digitalisation… Not forgetting training in the form of the Silmo Academy and a warm welcome for the opticians of tomorrow.

Creative diversity is at the heart of the exhibition with an optical frame and sunglasses offering of over 1,200 brands, illustrating the sector’s vitality. Silmo unveiled a selection of the very finest brands via two Pop-Up Stores — The Collectionist and The Selectionist.

Silmo Academy attracted a total of 425 participants over the three days of discussions. Attendees enjoyed the presentations by guest speakers including Professor Yves Pouliquen who is a member of the Académie Française, ophthalmologist Professor Christian Corbé and neurologist Dr Olivier Martinaud. With contributions from more than twenty specialists and renowned authorities, they explored the challenges inherent in sight and reading. This edition also featured its first award of a €10,000 research grant to the IrIS neuroscience laboratory, within the CNrS (French National Centre for Scientific research) at Paris descartes University. The laboratory presented a project whose main aim is to study the interactions between ocular motricity, cognition and posture, taking into account inefficiency of plantar afferents.

Silmo 2016 unveiled The Experience Store, an area dedicated to digital solutions that create a brand new customer experience, enhancing the cross-channel and now interactive client-optician relationship. Designed around 6 points of contact — store window, reception, waiting area, shelf layout, measurement and tests, sales —, this digital pathway has highlighted the benefit of incorporating immersive technologies. Just two examples: a holographic steward interfaces with customers, facilitates information and prepares them for their meeting with the optician etc; digital measuring and 3D simulations, offered by all lens manufacturers, guarantees a high level of accuracy and reliability to customers.

On 6, 7, 8 and 9 October 2017, the next edition of Silmo will celebrate its 50th anniversary, where the focus will be on renewal, by enhancing its allure to host the sector’s finest trends and innovations, along with its best brands and companies.