Interviews | November 18, 2016

Q&A Kyme

A talk with Antonello Calderoni. The owner and creator of Kyme, tells us about how his Made in Puglia brand came about. Its innovative, coveted style is popular the world over

words Editorial Staff

What does Kyme mean?

Kyme comes from the Greek word Kyma, meaning “wave”. I chose the name because it is a metaphor for energy and constant motion. I think it’s a word that really identifies with the brand.

How was the brand created, and what is its identity?

Kyme was an experiment, to begin with: the idea was to create a capsule collection of glasses to meet the needs of the customers in my two optician shops in Altamura, Puglia. This experiment had its own identity, and very quickly took off as a business, thanks to painstaking design research and shapes and materials recalling evergreen frame, with a modern, contemporary twist.

What makes your frames different from those of other brands?

Although we do follow fashion trends, our frames have a high level of quality. Generally speaking, it is difficult to find innovation and quality in one single product. Key to this is ongoing research into styles

How would you define your style?

The adjective which has always represented us is vintage: we love looking back to iconic forms of eyewear that match our style. More recently we’ve been looking into new, untapped areas, both in terms of shape and in terms of concept.

What have been the best moments in this business so far?

Meeting a lot of prestigious buyers from the eyewear sector who wanted to stock our range in their stores, and doubling our sales figures in under a year. Really I’m happy with how my company has developed, and with my team: young people who want to grow.

What are your plans for the future?

First of all we want to establish ourselves with a clear vision. I want our clients to be able to access everything Kyme has to offer. Moreover, we’ll soon be launching a new collection with the historic jewellery and accessories fashion house Radà: a great follow-up to the success we’ve had with our debut capsule jewelled glasses, kyme+radà

And in the future do you plan to collaborate with other successful brands?

Yes. You’ll be amazed. But, I’m superstitious and don’t want to jinx things.