Brands | December 13, 2016

Avant-garde inspired by history

After three years Hapter is now ready to launch a new collection inspired to the old and ruined mountain asphalt. Through modern performing material, such as rubber, the RBBR001 leads the Italian brand into a new field

words Editorial staff

Change means growing up. Transform means to reach new goals. And looking at the past means building a personal history. After three years from the launch of the TXTL001 collection (stainless steel and high-end cotton fabric), Hapter is now ready to launch a special mix of specifically developed patented innovations and 500-year-old blacksmithing techniques, combining meticulously textured high-quality rubber with lightweight surgical stainless steel.

The inspiration for this new RBBR001 collection is, once again, the mountain. The new result is a minimal and functional design, calling attention to a very unique and exclusive “highly tactile” aesthetic and feel. Memories of the past and mountain roots inspired the process that lead to this new highly innovative collection: the new RBBR001 is an avant-garde interpretation of retro-inspired designs, and the glasses feature the specific surface pattern taken from a mountain pass asphalt road up; it’s applied to the frames through a 500-year-old process first created to make decorations on swords. In ancient times several sword foundries were established all around Borgo Prà, masterfully forging rough iron originating from the surrounding Imperina Valley. Amazingly turning out 25,000 swords a year, fully hand-forged by local blacksmiths.

This technique can reproduce mountain’s asphalt old and ruined by the cold and the snow. Hapter is now masterfully able to isolate with specific casting methods and apply to iron clichés eventually used to hot-press the pattern onto the rubber surface after its application to the steel. Inspiringly, the clichés are treated with corrosion accelerators and left on the outside to complete their natural transformation process, with their surface becoming rusty and textures more irregular and beautiful, guaranteeing each frame a slightly unique and exclusive interpretation of the same pattern. The outer skin of exclusive high-end materials (rubber) is fused to a skeleton of industrial-grade surgical steel, and cut along the frame contour: this way, from a top-view, the structural steel and the top material are both visible, creating an harmonic contrast that is both unexpected and beautiful.

Surprisingly, the final result is a superior performing material like high-quality rubber, soft and perfectly shaped onto the Hapter proprietary metal structure, which is also artisanal and precious since it naturally adsorbs the beauty and uniqueness of ancient forging techniques and hand-made treatments. And the unique piece of surgical stainless steel allows the frame to maintain a natural curved design and guarantees long-lasting comfort on the face. The special design creates a discreet interruption in the extremely clean design of the frame, and allows the frame to be totally adjusted to the wearer’s facial conformity. And thanks to its spring effect, lens fitting has never been easier.

RBBR001 aesthetic choices deeply intermingles with functional design: the small retro-inspired shapes have reduced profiles, and they feature a unique interpretation of the cable temples so popular in the 1900s; and with a minimal weight of 10 grams are among the lightest full-rim frames in the market, without sacrificing the evident “tactile” feel.

In its sunglass version, Hapter has made a clear reference to heroic times within the cycling world: with almost-flat yellowish-tinted lenses (ideal riding companions even on cloudy days) and saddle silicon nose-pads (conveying top-class comfort and super old-school aesthetic). A sense of nostalgia for time past is stronger than ever: after all, pioneer’s attitude and heroic outdoor exploit are Eric Balzan and Mirko Forti’ inspirations.