Uncategorized | January 31, 2017

opti – Blogger Spectacle

words Carolina Saporiti

On 28th January 2017, for the first time opti has connected exhibitors and bloggers during the event Blogger Spectacle. Around 20 fashion and eyewear bloggers from the European blogosphere arrived in Munich during the tradeshow. On average, they receive 100,000 unique visitors every month, 120,000 fans follow their comments on Facebook, and their photos on Instagram have around 140,000 followers. The last years revolved around bloggers and influence marketing. At the big fashion shows, actors and pop stars had to make way for (mostly) young opinion makers who took their places in the first row and now inform their followers about their experiences via blog, Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat in an authentic and timely manner.

opti is well aware of this development and provided exhibitors with a platform that gives them the opportunity to meet about twenty invited fashion and eyewear bloggers from all over Europe for the first time in 2017. The blogger names are: Sandra Walzer, Sebastian Hanßler, Michael André Ankermüller, Julie Müller, André Oliveira, Kathrin Bierling, Maarten Weidema, Norton Clodagh, Alix Müller, Jennifer Bitsche, Giulia De Martin, Nuria and Miguel Mazon Varela, Kiki Albrecht, Swantje Bernsmann, Sascha Pietsch, Sara Kajevik, Hakan San PhD, Magdalena Moczulska and Erik Konstadinos Engelv.

The blogger jury, consisting of around 20 members, evaluated the applications and the new products submitted by the exhibitors. The jury had an evaluation scale ranging from ten points (Top-Top-Favourite) to one point (Favourite). On 20th December, ‘The Top Ten’ of selected bloggers have been published on opti’s Facebook page. This year’s 16 exhibitors briefly introduced themselves and their product to the fashion and eyewear bloggers. These were the companies that had a chance to decide the outcome of the first edition of ‘Blogbuster 2017’ in their favour: Smokexmirrors, Bawsome, Lask, Projekt Samsen, Wood and Cotton, Brillenmanufaktur S, lool, You Mawo, Movitra Spectacles, udla, eloise eyewear, Emian Böhe, Powder & Heat, housebrand, nogs, Barriqule.

During their tour around opti, the bloggers also stopped at the opti boxes. 16 hip glasses manufactories had the chance to present themselves to the blogger jury in 180 seconds and win the Blogger Spectacle award with their start-up. At the award ceremony on Saturday evening at the opti forum lool has been rewarded with the Blogger Spectacle Award.

Erik weraing Sol Sol ito_Eyebook
Andre wearing KBL_Eyebook
Giulia wearing Kaleos, Stefano weraing KBL_Eyebook
Jennifer wearing Oscar Magnusson_Eyebook
Maarten wearing Funk_Eyebook
Nuria wearing Kaleos, Miguel wearing Funk_Eyebook
Sandra wearing Andy Wolf_Eyebook
Sara_ESara wearing Aigner_Eyebookyebook
Sebastian wearing You Mawo_Eyebook