Interviews | January 23, 2017

Q&A – AirDP

Some questions to Lele Danzi, AirDP Creative Director. The new brand created in collaboration with Alessandro del Piero presents thing glasses light as air with a sporty style

words  Editorial Staff

What does AirDP mean?

AirDP means Air Del Piero, a reference to our world and to our philosophy. The word Air evokes the concept of lightness, an instinctive ability to fluctuate. Our slogan, Lightness Touch, wasn’t chosen by accident.

How was the brand created?

I’m a big fan of golf, so I sometimes end up playing games that last for hours, beginning when the sun is shining and ending under a cloudy sky. I always wanted a pair of versatile, protective, light and fashionable glasses, so I decided to create one with all these qualities. I told Alessandro Del Piero about my idea and he liked it, while the entrepreneur Paola Froldi supported our determination.

What makes your frames different from those of other brands?

They are thin (1.1 mm) and are a perfect fit. They are flexible and resistant, with high performance lenses. They have a clean design, an elegant silhouette and the colour palette often plays with contrasting combinations of shades between the front and the sides.

How do you bring sport and style together?

Over the last few years many great stylist have put their name to capsule collections of sporting brands, and many brands have become more fashion-oriented. Sport means wellbeing, and our glasses have structural features that promote wellbeing. As for the style, making something which is functional also beautiful is what we aim to do in any area.

Tell us about the new collection ….

I don’t want to give too much away, I want people to come and see them for themselves. We have a range of 4 new models in 5 colours, with designs created to enhance any face. Daina and Sonia have similar creative designs following different geometries: one is more subtle and invokes a water drop, the other is more square. On the front there is a thin steel double bridge, giving a bold impression. The oversized model based on the front of a TV screen is fresh and glamorous.

What have been the best moments in this business so far, and what do you still hope to achieve?

Ongoing recognition, and having reached 200 prestigious sales outlets in under a year.