Notes | January 23, 2017

The Taurus

The Taurus from Monoceros is a completely new interpretation of classic horn frames

words Editorial Staff

Clean lines, precise engraving, technical innovation and exquisite buffalo horn. These are the characteristics that make every Monoceros frame unique. The Monoceros is made from a single piece of horn. This guarantees a harmonious and consistent color and pattern direction over the entire version. The horn of the glasses front is bent by almost 90° around the front end piece. This already makes the Monoceros a sensation.

The driving factor behind the development of this new manufacturing method was the need to process the natural, non-sticky and non-laminated horn into a frame of a certain thickness. The Taurus from the Monoceros collection is a completely new interpretation of classic horn frames. The noble dark buffalo horn was designed to an exclusive frame with highest ambitions towards design and hand-manual skills. The ultimate delicate rim gives the Taurus and his wearer an elegant touch and charm. The frame is a modern, multifaceted combination of exquisite naturalness and gives a glamorous touch.