Interviews | February 22, 2017

A chat with… Olivia Delorme

Less is more is the mantra behind Ørgreen’s understated approach to elegance. We spoke with Olivia Delorme, Senior Designer of the brand borned and designed in Denmark and handcrafted in Japan.

words  Carolina Saporiti

It’s not simple to be “different” especially in eyewear, but Ørgreen is. Innovative colors, selected and high quality materials are the signature traits that make the Denmark brand one of the most curious at the moment. And it’s all about color and light in the new collection: it’s about spectrums of color, infusion of light, electromagnetic impulses and other factors which impact on our emotions. Science meets the sensorial in shapes that are elegant and understated, ambiguous yet assertive.

Let’s tart from the new. How would you explain the last collection and the role of color and light?

The concept for the new collection is a tribute to one of the things we do best: the colors. Natural light phenomenons have inspired the color palette and the names for the new models. Think about the vivid green of an Aurora (northern light) or the bright orange or the morning glory… We have combined those intense hues to create exclusive parings and contrasts.

What makes Ørgreen frames special one?

The clarity of the lines and the finish. The product has a very high quality level in those two fields.

Which is your best source of inspiration?

I am fascinated by honest products. An honest product show the solution in a frank, essential but yet esthetic clear way.

Who should wear your glasses?

All who cares for beauty and advanced design.

Less is more is the Ørgreen mantra. What does it mean for you?

It means bringing the lines to the essence of the ideas, knowing the story you want to tell and reducing it to the paramount. The purest the stronger.

How do you bring elegance and innovation together?

Nowadays it is easy to be carried away by the possibilities of the technic, so you have to keep a sobriety.

Which is the best part of your job? And the hardest?

The best is… when I see people wearing my creations! Seeing people with an Ørgreen frame is definitely one of my favorite moments. The hardest part is to make the difference while keeping up with the market changes and challenges.

Besides optics, which other interests do you have ?

I have a foible for engines and tools! I like cars and construction machines and I like to see how mechanical things works from the inside.