Interviews | February 10, 2017

A chat with… Sven Götti

Sven Götti designs all his glasses himself, preferably in his studio at his home in Switzerland. The collections cultivate simplicity in its most beautiful form and thus offer scope for the personal character’s survival

words  Jennifer Bitsche

Götti eyeglass wearers combine love for design. They are aesthetically sensitive people, who like to deal with the processing and the design. With the 3D printed glasses, Götti is now taking another step ahead thereby fusing the trends of fashion, art and design.

Sven, you are an entrepreneur and designer, what is your professional career?

I started my apprenticeship as an optician and then finished my studies at the Karlsruhe Master School. I worked as an optician in Vienna, St. Tropez and Zurich and in 1993 I started my own optician store Götti + Niederer in Lucerne.

How did you decide to create your own label?

It was already a wishful thought of mine during my education. I first completed the apprenticeship and founded my own optical store, the fact proved to be a good foundation.

What are the characteristics of the Götti eyewear?

All my glasses are designed by myself in Switzerland. For the traditional materials such as titanium and acetate we work together with the best manufactories in Japan, Germany and Austria. Also our new project, 3D printing, is mainly produced in Switzerland. From every single design I have to be convinced that the quality is right.

Götti spectacles reflect minimalism in style and design. Where do you get your personal inspiration?

I get my inspiration consciously in everyday life, at airports, exhibitions or simply in the city. This process runs continuously in the background and over time ideas and streams are condensed. The implementation is more of a concentration act, where I need my quiet.

Your campaigns are always closely with artists from Switzerland such as the current one linked to the artist Beni Bischof. What is the vision behind this?

For our campaigns and projects we select exciting personalities, to which we often have a personal connection. They can identify themselves with the brand and understand our philosophy.

Recently, you have been started with your 3D printed glasses. Please tell me more about it.

I wanted to create a new world within the brand and expand the existing collection. With the Dimension collection, we are inspired by today’s dynamic and rapidly changing trends.

Götti eyeglasses convince with simplicity and recognisability. Is this recognition even for the 3D printed glasses?

Götti stands for pure, straightforward design. As always, reflections on modernity, function, lightness and fit run into the designs. The new forming languages, which are possible with 3D printing, show different dimensions but still remain to the proven and constant design philosophy.

What are your visions that you want to implement with Götti in the future?

We are currently in the final stages of projects we have been working on for some years. Within these new collections, there yield many new possibilities and ideas. What I learned: Every new project is inspiring for a new project.

New collections, new materials. There is a lot on your agenda every day. How and where do you spend your free time?

Friday evening I always go to the best Italian restaurant in the city, which is fortunately within walking distance of our home. Otherwise, I like to spend time with my family and I like to read. Last year I rediscovered skiing, I would like to do it more often.