Notes | February 19, 2017

A tribute to Dadaism

Tzara, Ray, Picabia, Janco and Duchamp are some of the artists that have inspired the new Italian brand Dadà

words Editorial Staff

Is inspired by Marcel Duchamp ready-made, the philosophy of Dadà, a made in Italy brand that pays homage to the art of extravagance and humor. Dadà, like Dadaism is a rejection of reason and logic and wants to transform  in exceptional something “normal”, familiar, which in the collective imagination is something natural.

Dadà has reissued eyewear models part of the history of optics, such as the pantos, the butterfly, the round- and the glasant models, through the application of glamorous details, focusing on the excessive use of color or adding components that can completely change the way to wear or use the frame.

The Dadà collection is divided into two lines. The first one, Cabaret Voltaire, borrows its name from the famous entertainment place founded by one of the Dada fathers, Hugo Ball, writer, theater director and German poet. The second one, Karawane, takes its name from one of the artist’s poems, totally composed of onomatopoeic and meaningless sounds.