Interviews | February 13, 2017


With Sergio Eusebi and Livio Graziottin to talk about evolution: the key to offering a new kind of eyewear highlighting people’s identity

words Antonella Reina

We are all in need of sophistication and beauty. This is the idea behind the latest collection just released by kuboraum. The brand is taking the direction of having one unisex collection which is becoming more and more sophisticated. Sergio Eusebi (Brand & Marketing Director) and Livio Graziottin (Designer) welcome us into their special world made of kindness, lightness, metamorphosis and alchemy, where frames give the challenge of freeing identity.

What is the best question we could ask you? The worst?

Nothing can be the best, nothing can be the worst, everything is relative to me and space.

Kuboraum is?

A project, a community, a choice… Evolution.

What is the concept behind your brand?

From our point of view, eyewear is a bridge between the identity of people wearing it and the world around the people… We want to highlight the identity of the people.

What is innovative and what is traditional about them?

Innovative is the point of view which makes everything new in everything we do. Tradional is the fact that we still use lenses, a frontal part and two temples.

How would you describe a Kuboraum frame?

In the relationship between itself and the person who wears it.

You are unique because…

Everyone of us is unique… Maybe because we never forget who we are and we don’t try to be anything other than that.

What are the unique features of the last collection and its inspiration?

Sophistication, kindness, lightness, bronze metal, porcelain, metamorphosis, coral and alchemy.

Why this inspiration?

Because starting from a strong unisex point of view, our new development is taking the direction of one unisex collection, ever kinder, lighter and more sophisticated; together with one really feminine women’s collection. On a journey with our audience, really careful about what we are doing. We are all in need of sophistication and beauty. Sophistication and beauty which you can find in the signs of the passage of time on our skin, or in the handcraft of our bronze silver masks. Sophistication and beauty which can be found in the metamorphosis present in nature: as a silkworm turns into a moth or one frame becoming another.

How much has your brand changed over the years?

As much as our nature has changed.

Achievements and things you are still striving for…


What feeling do people get from wearing your frames?

The feeling of celebrating themselves.

How does the world look through a pair of Kuboraum glasses?

The same, but with a better feeling, which can bring a better point of view.