Interviews | February 2, 2017

Q&A – Suzy Glam

Five years of Suzy Glam. The Amsterdam-based eyewear brand, founded by Etienne Frederiks and Susanne Klemm, celebrates its anniversary with a new campaign and a confident mood.

words Antonella Reina

Let’s start from your best news for 2017. Can you give us some previews?

E. We will start the new year very confident and relaxed, as 2016 was fantastic for us. 2017 will be our 5 years anniversary and of course we are going to celebrate this in a Suzy Glam way. 2017 will also be the year we will launch Suzy Glam in the US by participating in Vision Expo East.

Let’s talk about your latest campaigns. Where did you shot it? Which is its concept?

E. Aisha Zeijpveld is the photographer for all our campaigns right from the beginning. Her style is very personal and goes from Art to fashion. The production is always very artisanal and the distortions are all made in real instead of photo-shopped. The latest campaign is the most fashionable one we had so far and it’s playing with movements of silver and gold.

How do you create the concept of your campaigns?

S. We work strongly together with Aisha Zeijpveld and because we feel very close to her, she has total freedom of what to do. It’s her development as an artist that goes parallel to our development.

How your environments influence your work?

S. We live in Amsterdam, a liberal, international city and there is a lot of creativity shared between artist, designers and entrepreneurs. Besides this, we are influenced by the optical world itself, because we are both opticians also.

Let’s talk about your collection news?

S. We don’t believe in making lots of new models every season, because we want to make new classics and timeless design. We work a long time on every model to get it exactly right with the good balance of aesthetics and comfort. At Opti and Mido we come with a new elegant men’s style and a half rim feminine style. As always we keep working with acetate, so we can give our frames the three-dimensional effect that is typical for our designs. The two new models are part of the series that are based on washed pebbles with a round and soft finish. It gives the bold frames certain elegance.

What does it makes Suzy Glam frames so special?

E. It’s the combination of a strong design and a perfect fit for many faces. The fact that the frames are designed by a graduated designer who is also an optician (Susanne) results in this unique combination.

The next big step?

E. We don’t take big steps. We want to stay small and control everything ourselves. If we wanted to make big steps, we would need investors, but we’d rather stay independent.

Would you love to share with us something else?

E. We strongly believe in the niche market of independent eyewear and make radical choices in our business. We hope opticians will do the same and choose for real design and independent quality.