Brands | March 16, 2017

The power of stars

The new Austrian-based brand Monoceros has a strong relationship with Nature and the Universe. Taking its name from constellations and zodiac signs, it introduces frames that are unique pieces, handcrafted with one-of-a-kind process

words Carolina Saporiti

Do you believe in unicorns? If the answer is yes, continue reading this. Monoceros is a constellation on the celestial equator but in Greek this word means unicorn. As Monoceros is a faint constellation, it is hard to see with the naked eye. But since last Fall, Monoceros is something else: unique eyewear made from a single piece of horn. Something that at first seemed as unattainable as the constellation: the natural horn is bent, not cut, with specially developed technology to create the unique bend around the front of the frame.

Monoceros spectacles are crafted from one of the oldest materials used to make eyewear, but new approaches and innovations allow a frame to be created from a single piece of buffalo horn. This ensures that the fibre, colour and structure of the horn are consistent throughout the whole frame. By using a wooden hinge, the frames are completely free of metal and plastic. And of course every Monoceros is a unique item: These frames are made in a one-of-a-kind production process and they are manufactured in a little factory in Austria, where Nature is a constant source of inspiration, again and again.

The driving factor behind the development of this new manufacturing method was the need to process the natural, non-sticky and non-laminated horn into a frame of a certain thickness. Moreover, the single pieces of horn used in the frames guarantee a harmonious and consistent colour and pattern direction over the entire version. The horn at the front of the glasses is bent by almost 90° around the front end piece; this already makes the Monoceros a sensation.

At Mido Monoceros presents two models whose names are also taken from the sky: Taurus and Gemini. ‘Taurus’ is a completely new interpretation of classic horn frames. Noble, dark buffalo horn is employed for an exclusive frame with the highest ambitions for design and hand-craftsmanship. The ultimate delicate rim gives the ‘Taurus’ and its wearer a touch of elegance and charm. The frame is a modern, multifaceted combination of exquisite naturalness and gives a glamorous touch. The model ‘Gemini’ reveals the completely novel and astonishing possibility of combining noble buffalo horn with a balanced, unique design. This angular and very thin frame appears modest and elegant, at the same time conveying understatement and a certain lightness. Every Monoceros is a unique accessory that reflects pure Nature. The synthesis of harmonious design with clean lines, precise engraving, technical innovation and exquisite buffalo horn makes each Monoceros frame an exceptional singular piece, strictly connected to the Earth and its beauty.