Interviews | April 20, 2017

Q&A – Modo

Never change a winning team. Giovanni Lo Faro knows this well. In this interview he talks about the foundations of a constantly growing brand

words Antonella Reina

Always offering something that is both innovative and functional. This is the mission of Modo, a brand with a cosmopolitan spirit that has made lightness its strength, staying true to a sophisticated and contemporary aesthetic.

What distinguishes your product?

Modo is an independent project created to offer a set of frames that are functional and suitable for everyday use. Offering a perfect combination of contemporary style and quality at a competitive price, our glasses come half way between the collections of large group and those of the most interesting niche brands. This is the factor that is really making us grow.

Contemporary frames with a functional design are very popular. Do you believe that this trend will become even stronger?

Eyewear is going through a major change that is feeding the evolution and rise of designer glasses. Today, consumers are more informed and careful in their choices, and at the same time the fashion has opted to favour a style that represents individuality instead of conformity. Modo was born 25 years ago with the slogan ‘Eyewear for the individual’ and individualism is a theme that has always characterised us.

What inspires the style of the glasses that you create?

Our style is inspired by minimalism and architecture in order to create timeless frames, characterised by designs that do not go out of fashion and use of the highest quality materials to ensure quality over time.

What’s new for the coming season?

There is a lot in the pipeline. We presented our first release at opti, and will present a second at Mido. It is a good time for us, there is a lot of attention on the brand and it is a long stretch between January and June. We thought it appropriate to offer a double collection where our evolution was evident, both in our most innovative projects and in those that are more traditional / tailored. I’m thinking about the series of new acetate and titanium frames that are very sophisticated and very carefully detailed. And about the new generation ones made of resin.

Why resin?

The plastic resin that we used, actually called R1000, is particularly light and flexible. It allows you to create a much finer acetate frame, which enjoys the warmth and colour of plastic but provides the same functionality as titanium. We wanted to produce a collection in between the Paper Thin titanium collection and the acetate frames.

What kind of research is behind your collections?

Research and development are a mission for us. The traditional spirit of Modo is supported by a constant search for new materials and technologies that can improve the lives of people who wear glasses. To date, the lightness is the most important factor for all consumers. We could call this the principal ‘buying driver’ for glasses. We really believe in this factor and we work to provide different solutions that can satisfy this need.

Where do you manufacture your glasses?

Currently in Japan, but we are always open to evaluate other production sites. We own some factories but, every time we develop a new concept, we like to have the freedom to choose the manufacturer that can best meet our requirements in terms of style and technology.

How much has the brand changed over the years?

Our mission remains the same. We continue to produce glasses for people who like to make their own choices. The brand, however, has undergone a natural evolution over time, taking advantage of the best technologies to offer the best solutions to people who are looking for something new.

What are the next steps?

We will continue on our current path. We are happy with how the market is responding to what we have on offer. In recent times we have grown in a balanced way, across about sixty-five countries worldwide. The market, however, is evolving and, instead of following it, we want to be one step ahead. We’re trying, as it were, to surf the wave.