Notes | April 13, 2017

The Avant Garde 

The new eyewear collection by Kyme is inspired by streetwear and 90’s

words Editorial Staff

Mix the heritage of streetwear and 90’s with a more institutional and classic concept for colors and shapes. Imagine glasses that are genderless and you will discover the new eyewear collection Kyme. Research and transformation are the watchwords of the collection: two opposite sides of a common coin, two opposing inspirations are now complementary and merge to give life to an alternative image with an Avant Garde strong impact which is the leitmotiv of the new Kyme.

Contemporary urban colors such as metallic blue and gold are mixed with the iced tones of palladium; grays and blacks softened the lines now sharp curves and now delineate the harmonious character but decided. The distinctly male or female models alongside aptitude to propose genderless models in the wake of the creation of a new aesthetic determined by the freedom to choose their own image and expression.