Notes | May 31, 2017

Nuiit: sunglasses for HD vision

Tempered optic glass lenses don’t darken the sight but they make it clearer

words Editorial Staff

“Learn from the Inuit”, this is the message of Nuiit, the Italian brand born in Turin but inspired by the way indigenous peoples inhabiting the Arctic regions of Greenland, Canada and Alaska protect their eyes in the blinding polar days.

Contrary to the common plastic lenses, Nuiit eyewear with tempered optic glass lenses, do not darken the sight but they make it clearer: 70 times more defined, compared to the models in commerce, thanks to the natural minerals added during the glass fusion process. These minerals have the property to selectively filter the colors, making them sharper for the human eye by increasing the contrast of the green, red and blue.

Nuiit polarized lenses offer the best polarizing filter in the world with an efficiency of 99.9%. Another important feature is the total protection from the infrared rays and from UVA and UVB, with a screening that, also in this case, it is superior to the standards of the common lenses.