Notes | May 2, 2017

Take a breath!

The new collection of Mr.Boho is inspired by our frenetic life and it’s a homage of  the capacity of disconnecting and taking a breath

words Editorial Staff

A trip into  the world of colors, geometry and the mix of irregular bases and defined shapes. Breathe in and breathe out, the new collection of Mr.Boho, is inspired in the frenetic life that we all have learnt to live and even loved, and the fact of knowing when to disconnect, take a breath, rest and go ahead even stronger than before. Now, breathe in and breathe out.

The name Mr. Boho took the word from the Anglo-Saxon expression ‘boho-chic’ which eludes to bohemian and hippy inspirational stylings with a touch of glamor and started to run. Born in the 2012, the Spanish fashion brand identified the trend of mirrored lenses as an element of true potential and so they start to create quality sunglasses at a competitive price. Simple but elegant, basic but fierce; sunglasses with a lot to say that highlight the attitude and style of the person who wears them, bringing together people who share a common cosmopolitan and restless attitude.