Notes | May 24, 2017

The invisible color of perfection

Vinylize by Tipton creates invisible eyewear for a light and fresh look

words Editorial Staff

The idea to create invisible eyewear is due to the hit Invisible by Hunter Haye. Warner Bros wanted to give a homage to the artist with a special birthday present. Inspired by the clear vinyl of the hit single of the artist, Vinylize create invisible frames.

The crystal vinyl was laminated to crystal cellulose acetate and then carved into a frame. The adhesive was later colored sand to lend the frames a vintage look. Clear vinyl is vinyl in its purest form. All other colours, including black, are added later. The main issue with clear vinyl is that any impurities are easy to see. As most records are 30% recycled vinyl, achieving consistent colours would be impossible – so it is easy to see why manufacturers “fade to black”.

The name Nvsble was coined to accentuate the removal of the letter “i” (which is why the letter “e” remains), “i” representing the self “I” or “eye”.  The groove texture is present but the heaviness of the black is gone. The surface also appears more uniform. To maximize “face friendliness”  and comfort Nvsble cut the rims thinner and sculpted the temples. Each of the six models (Ellison, Jack, Ralph, Ras, Rinehart, Tod) were named after characters in H.G. Wells’ famous book published in 1897, “The Invisible Man”.