Uncategorized | May 9, 2017

The shades of nature


Alsteca special spring summer edition transforms its iconic round model

words Editorial Staff

It’s a homage to the light, the colors and and the atmospheres of summer and spring the new collection by Alsteca. For Venetian the brand introduces two new details on its iconic round model: the metallic bridge and the flat lens base two. The eyewear takes its name from one of the most important bridge of Miami, an American metropolis, thanks to the metallic detail that distinguishes it from the classical model Winwood round. The frame of the glasses is made with a a fun game of contrasts combined with bronze or silver finish. The series has declined in ten color variations that will complete the wide range of shades that the brands offers: turquoise, marsala, powder pink and camouflage add a touch of color for the next summer season.

Alsteca presents the two models Wynwood, round-shaped, and Overtown, square-shaped, with a new fresh and bright twist: the frames are mainly transparent and their colors refer to the sparkling tints and shades of nature in the full luxuriance of the summer season, such as coral red, crystal light blue, sparkle green and glam bronze, a strong call to the color of suntan and the glow of the sun reflected by the sandy shores. The Wynwood model acquires an unusual wood effect finish thanks to a special paint made by hand.