Notes | June 12, 2017

Accessible, trendy, universal

Izipizi is a brand of ready-to-wear glasses which combine design, color and pleasure to offer everyone a classical and funny accessory. Izipizi glasses are a basic must-have for reading, sun protection, screen protection and for children.

words Editorial Staff

Prepare yourself to the coming news from Izipizi’s world. Once called See Concept, the eyewear brand will launch two important new collections for the fall winter 2017 2018.

Soul is the name of the limited edition of Reading & Screen glasses. With a nod to the Sixties the collection showcases warm, bright and strong hues to prolong the summer and bring energy to the winter season. The Sixties were all about crazy chic, the desire for emancipation, the conquest of space and the explosion of pop-soul music! Soul invites you to the look through fantasy, rhythm and a touch of extravagance! The collection includes three colors: Brown Broux, Night Blue and Orange Pumpkin.

The newcomer of the Reading range is the #F shape. Its initial is borrowed from the first letter of the word “foldable” because the #F shape is foldable and pocketsized! Ultra-light, the little pouch makes it easier to always have them with you. You will appreciate the rubber-like feel and the flex arms. Easy to put away in a mini bag and ideal to slip into a pocket, the new #F shape is practical, to have style within reach in all circumstances!