Notes | June 17, 2017

Vanni for young art

If you are an artist within 10th September 2017 you can take part to Autofocus, the international competition dedicated to young European artists by Vanni

words Editorial Staff

Are you an artist or you know one? Check out the 2017 Vanni Call to Entry and send your project for Autofocus, the international competition dedicated to young European artists, within 10th September 2017. Vanni looks at the world of art with a mixture of curiosity and passion, wishing to keep the link with contemporary creativity alive and vibrant. Vanni decided 12 years ago to get into art. Autofocus is a consistent and dedicated passion project because art can act as a consolation, a stimulus, a poetic discovery. Art makes life better, richer and a more interesting place to live.

Autofocus is a competition for young artists under 35, that are Italian residents or residents of member states of the European Union, and invites entries for  best visual art, best performance art, best video and best photography. The theme of the competition is reflected in its name, Autofocus. It plays on the concept of selfreflection; a personal perception of the world that surrounds the artist, filtered through subjective experience. There are no boundaries, a simple snapshot of the universe as seen through his or her mind’s eye.


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