Notes | July 21, 2017

Protection First

The leading Italian eyewear company underlines the importance of wearing sunglasses, especially while practicing sports.

words Editorial Staff

Long long time ago Inuit population used wood or animal bone frames, without real lenses and a narrow view, in order to protect themselves from the reverberation of snow and ice. Today, like then, we need to wear sunglasses, especially in summer, and also when we do sports. For this reason Briko, Italy’s leading manufacturer of sunglasses and sport helmets, developed a wide range of products offering the highest technical standards on the market. Sunglasses should not be considered simply as fashion accessories but as genuine devices to protect eyes from solar radiation that can damage and harm us. Similar to what happens to the skin, a prolonged exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet light can create several eye health problems. It is not uncommon that some ocular diseases can be caused, or exasperated, by excessive exposure to sunlight. This is why colored lenses have been created: to help reduce the amount of light. “Different lens colors can be used in different conditions (for example, grey-based lenses avoid or reduce color distortion along with those with a brown base). Mirrored lenses have an aesthetic effect but do not change the properties of the base colors, while polarized lenses are used to eliminate glare  from reverberation (optimal at the sea or on the snow), “explains Alfonso De Antoni, Eyewear brand Manager for Briko.

How to choose. The sunglasses on the market should be accompanied by CE marking, which must be identified on the temple tips in a visible, readable and indelible way (for example, it is not regular to attach a sticker to the lenses). In addition to the classic type, sun filters can be photocromatic, which darken in the sunlight and shade in the shadow, and polarized that filter the reflections and protect the eyes improving  visibility.
The Briko catalogue consists of a large collection of outdoor activity glasses that can provide protection and comfort in all situations. Like the super-technical Cyclope, developed in collaboration with the Briko Free Fighters of the Bardiani-CSF Pro Team, available in many models and colors, with interchangeable lenses, polarized and photochromatic. Uragano, the technical sunglass for running and cycling and other outdoor disciplines developed with the Briko philosophy, that creates a new standard thanks to its minimalistic design and its excellent ergonomics. The Trident, the half-frame eyewear for any outdoor activity and interchangeable lenses available also in a polarized version; and finally the Action, a model conceived for everyday adventures, for sport lovers who do not want to be unseen … and many more.