Interviews | October 3, 2017

Niccolò Pocchini

Becoming founder and CEO of the very popular Italian sunglasses brand Spektre at only 24 years old… From penniless mechanic to eyewear guru… After ten years, what’s your secret Mr Pocchini?

words Giulia De Martin

Niccolò Pocchini is more than an eyewear designer or an Italian entrepreneur, he is a lighthouse for young people all around the world who are striving to reach their dreams; it doesn’t matter if they are producing an eyewear collection or opening their very own pizzeria. What about the glasses, then? Pocchini was able to fill a precise gap in the eyewear world, giving young people what they were looking for: cool frames, affordable prices and good quality products.

You once said that you’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur. However, why did you choose eyewear in the first place?

I started working as a PR when I was 14 years old; in the meanwhile I was working on vintage scooters in order to earn enough money to support myself. One day, penniless, I was a guest of some friends of mine in London and, and whilst walking around Camden Town, I found a pair of sunglasses with fluo temples. I was wearing a creased red jacket, but, the combination was fun and a lot of people asked me where I got the glasses. After the 100th time I was asked the same question, I said: “I’m gonna make them for you!” So, I started to work fiercely on my project.

What’s the inspiration behind your brand, Spektre?

Ten years ago I had pretty serious family issues and at the age of 21, I found myself with no possibilities, poor and very angry. So, I started to work on my project fiercely. Today I’m 14000 km from home and it’s 3am; when I started work this morning it was 9 o’clock. I think that, after being so angry, I was still looking for ‘the joy of life’, travelling and an identity so prominent enough to be able to express my potential. My inspiration was my pure will.

Spektre eyewear combines glamour and design. Which are, according to you, the best ingredients in order to create a successful product?

For sure, giving the market new ideas and knowing, from the very beginning, who’s your target. In 2009 I said: “There are no glasses with mirror lenses. There is no cool brand affordable for young people”. The recession started to make the consumers buying goods based on the fact that they were recognizable and unique. I though, then: “Well, I’m gonna make these glasses!”. So I started to sell my products in high-street boutiques all around the world, creating such a big echo on my glasses, reaching opticians too in a very short amount of time.

As a young entrepreneur do you think the prospective towards the world of eyewear is changing? Especially for opticians and consumers too?

Business has deeply changed in a process starting from 2012 and still going. Spektre is part of this process. As independent brands we have brought to the eyewear business new ideas, we have enlarged the market, we have amplified the quality and the quantity of products, also by using the new channels of communication. The eyewear market is now saturated and the competition has reached the highest levels so far. On the other hand though, we have now high-quality and beautiful products, which would have been unbelievable 10 years ago.

Tell us something about the new collection.

New combinations, full-metal frames, beta-titanium and affordable prices. In addition, pastel colors and sharp angles, the new collection is designed for people who like travelling and are not afraid of being noticed. This is Spektre 2018.

What would you suggest to somebody who wants to be successful in the eyewear world?

Open your pizzeria or something similar. It’s too late to start your eyewear business. I see a more striking transformation in the world of food than in the eyewear market. I think that the watchmaking market is having a refresh too, especially if we talk about items with a price between 100 and 250 euro. On the other hand, famous and luxurious brands are suffering from the fact that people can now look for information online very easily and, sometimes, can find out that there’s not so much quality but, pure marketing. This brigs to a drop down of the selling with an expansion and growing of lower brands.

What’s your vision for the future of Spektre?

Our priority is to be able to enlarge our eyeglasses collection offer; at the same time, we aims to expand on the American market, which we think is a really interesting thing to do. We are also examining several other licenses; however, the market is full. We are always interested in new acquisition and sifting through various hypothesis, in order to improve our economic structure enlarging Nour clients range. The market doesn’t wait for you!

Once you said that your motto is “We live only twice”. What do you want your second life to be?

Every respectable person has a public life, a private one and a secret one, don’t you?