Notes | October 17, 2017

Just call me Rrose…

Dada launches the capsule collection ‘Rrose Selavy’, celebrating the woman in her many facets

words Editorial Staff

Playful, elegant, capricious, unreasonable… Dadà like the multi-faceted female soul and pay homage to all the women and to Marcel Duchamp too. In fact, the father of Dadaism used believes that every soul, every person, has a female part. This can be pronounced or not, visible or invisible, exalted or hidden. The artist also used to turn into his feminine alter ego, Rrose Selavy and to this woman Dada has dedicated its namesake collection. Rrose Sélavy, can be read like Eros c’est la vie: sensuality, being woman, carnality. The transformation of Duchamp into her, triggered an erotic vision, joy of living and freely wandering with thought.

This “woman” was portrayed by Man Ray and placed on the fragrance label Eau de Voilette, a ready made work by Marcel Duchamp, composed of a bottle of “Rigaud” perfume, inserted in a purple velvet case. The essence, sold for almost 9 million euros, belonged to Yves Saint Laurent. The title of the work gives the name to the four new models of the Cabaret Voltaire collection: Eau, De, Voil, Ette, each of them embellished by a small natural element, a butterfly, a hornet, a dragonfly, a seahorse. Glamorous and glittering details that de-dramatise the glasant frame, making it ironic and playful. The insertion of these small animals, in enamelled base with the application of Austrian crystals, in addition to honoring the post-war art of gold, fully reflects the dada visions, anti-art, refusal of logic and tribute to no-sense but glamorous.