Notes | October 18, 2017

Let’s dance: it’s a Boogie Night!

Kyme and Le Lunetier celebrate together with the special edition Boogie Night

words Editorial Staff

It’s party time for the Italian brand Kyme and Le Lunetier Milano, the store-incubator for independent eyewear brands. On Thursday 19 October, during a party night at the store in Via Ravizza, 7 in Milan, they will introduce the limited edition “Boogie Night” . The vintage style reinterprets contemporary framed sunshade, the exclusive limited edition “Boogie Night” features gold-plated amber lenses embellished with retro auctions with bushings and camouflage acetate terminals. “Boogie Night” wants to be not only a glass, but a real “accessory”, a cool and contemporary “mask” to wear day and night to get a dip in the past, in the years when there were no limits and the night went merge with the day. New colors and new sensations, music and lights become instruments that stimulate our senses, this is the spirit that Le Lunetier Milano and Kyme have shared in proposing this limited edition.