Notes | October 10, 2017

A unique and timeless way

Seeoo and ic! berlin joined forces for the first time, matching unique design and innovative functionality. The result? A new collection named Monaleon

words Marilena Roncarà

Take a minimalist label beloved by those who have a very strong personality – such as Seeoo – and match it with the technical knowhow and the smart details ic! berlin is so renowned for and you will have a product that stands out with its design, stability and flexibility: its name is Monaleon. This is the first time that two brands are doing something like this. The collection impresses for its unique style, further enhanced by a patented, screwless spring hinge and the use of extremely light and very flexible spring steel. Every frame is created to be as exceptional, long-lasting and still flexible as those wearing it. Every frame stays true to the Seeoo ‘mission’: to be a unique way of being unique, and to stay traditional. Not by chance the story of the brand starts with the reinvention of the pince-nez, the fastest reading glasses. “I found some of my great grandfather’s old things in the attic: A pair of reading glasses and a pocket watch. I hurried to dust them off and with a lot of love, I tried to recreate the meaning they had at that time,” says Gerald Lasnik, Founder and CEO of Seeoo. In this way it’s easy to understand the Seeoo passion for beautiful things. “Going back to the origins,” is often a result of finely tuned research, whose value is appreciated in time: timeless representation of symbols that are a part of classic undying human values and culture.