Interviews | November 20, 2017

A chat with… Pascal Jaulent

Functionality is one of Kilsgaard Eyewear’s key factors. The brand lives and loves the Scandinavian Culture and puts all of the inspiration from it into their frames. The result is the unique ‘cut-to-the-bone’ eyewear

words Jennifer Bitsche

Kilsgaard Nordic Eyewear design was founded by Jacob Kilsgaard in 2007. The glasses represent simplicity in the very best sense, characterized by a contemporary, elegant design. Kilsgaard once said: “You’re not here to revolutionize the world of eyewear. You are just here to reintroduce, in your own package, what’s proven to work.” Therefore the brand uses minimalist aluminium and fine Japanese acetate for their glasses. Kilsgaard glasses are logical spectacle frames that are reliable and insist on elegant tech solutions.

Hi, please tell us in the beginning about the essence of Kilsgaard.

Staying true to simplicity and elegance is the essence of Kilsgaard. It is our Danish heritage, it runs in our veins, less is always more, except when we talk about passion. Passion drives all we do and when we design eyewear, we design great looks for the people we love and care about. We don’t follow trends and dogmas to be hip or fashionable, but stay grounded in simply elegant design, which never goes out of style.

Where is your company based and how many people are working for your company?

Kilsgaard Eyewear is based in Aarhus Denmark. We are part of Design Eyewear Group, which also contains the brands Prodesign, Face à Face, Woow & Inface. Of our 300 people global organization, we are approximately 50 people in the Kilsgaard setup, covering Design, Marketing, Sales & Supply Chain.

Let’s talk about the Kilsgaard customer. What is the main target group for your glasses?

Our main target group are urban, design conscious people with a passion for minimalistic style and good quality.

What would you say is the special something about Kilsgaard eyewear?

We are truly passionate about our styles and the quality of our products. We are proud of creating good designs which becomes evergreens. Good design that lasts for decades. This is our vision.

Where does the designer get his inspiration for the frames?

The designs are all made in Denmark but we find our inspiration all over, but it’s grounded in the Danish and Scandinavian culture. But also fashion and architecture industries have a real impact on us. But the main focus we follow: Functionality comes first.

What impact does the Scandinavian lifestyle have on your designs?

The clean, elegant lines and the no-nonsense approach of Scandinavian design is clearly also part of our passion. Cut to the bone, no flimsy details. Elegant coloration. Good quality materials.

And where are your frames produced?

Kilsgaard Eyewear is made by quality partners all over the World: Italian aluminum, Japanese acetates, coloration in Denmark by specialists; we are always looking for the best solutions and have no preferences for nationality.

You’re campaigns are always minimalistic and with cover colors. What will we expect for your next campaign?

We are almost ready to launch the new campaign, and it will be fantastic. The campaign images are shot by the great Danish photographer Jonas Bie and he has done an amazing job!

Do you have an all-time favorite of your glasses?

Actually no, the way the frames become classics is fantastic.

How is the Scandinavian optical business doing from an international perspective?

Isn’t it amazing, how the Danish and Scandinavian approach to design is so unique and appreciated globally? That is fascinating.