Notes | November 29, 2017

Nina Mûr goes Memphis 

The new collection celebrates Ettore Sottsass and presents glasses that are like small sculptures for the face, characterized by decors in laminate

words Editorial Staff

On the year’s centenary of Ettore Sottsass’s birth Spanish brand Nina Mûr celebrates the artist with a new eyewear collection inspired by the colours and formal shapes of the Memphis Group, founded by Sottsass himself and which has influenced many designers all over the world. The collection is in collaboration with Abet Laminati, that has worked with Sottsass for a long time. It was thanks to Sottsass that the consideration that people had of laminate changed completely: it was no longer fake wood or fake marble but became a special material, not a substitute for another product. The important novelty that laminate introduced for Sottsass and the other designers of the Memphis Group was the possibility of being decorated. It was during that time that Bacterio, Spugnato or Rete patterns were created.

The new collection presents glasses that are like small sculptures for the face, characterized by decors in laminate which are as crucial as they were for the pieces of furniture designed by Sottsass, De Lucchi or Sowden. A goggle that transgresses the accessory category to become a design piece. The choice to use laminate to produce eyewear is innovative and original and it somehow mirrors the revolutionary idea of creating pieces of furniture with plastic laminates, which caused a stir in the 1980s. Nina Mûr goes Memphis is a collection that comprises two lines: Original Memphis, featuring unique details realized with the Bacterio pattern (in reduced scale) in Digital Print, and Basic Memphis, made up of monochromatic models with cleaner lines. A collection that is further enriched by offering two main shapes: Nathalie, more feminine and clearly referring to Nathalie Du Pasquier, and obviously Ettore, more masculine and clearly connected to the Italian artist.