Notes | November 24, 2017

A star against violence

Polaroid will donate part of income generated through the sales of sunglasses and frames to Pangea Women Network

words Editorial Staff

On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on November 25th, Polaroid announces its involvement in the ‘Pangea Women Network’, the project of the Pangea Foundation which works to support the fight to violence against women, gender discrimination and oppression. A little star appears on the lenses to celebrate the support of the brand. Polaroid shares common values with Pangea Foundation: first of all ‘protection’, which is part of the brand’s DNA, in addition to the principles of inclusion and women empowerment that Polaroid has promoted since its origins.

Edwin Land, the inventor of polarized lenses, was, in fact, among the first enlightened entrepreneurs to engage in career advancement for women and to offer ‘child care subsidies’, as well as hire female scientists since the 1940s.  In the 1980s, Polaroid was also the first company in the USA to have a support program for employees who suffered from domestic violence. Polaroid will donate to this project part of income generated through the sales of sunglasses and frames sold between November and December 2017 in Italy, thus allowing Pangea to continue carrying out its listening and support programs for many women, and to finally develop an official network project involving 800 women.