Notes | November 23, 2017

Super – Andy Warhol

A series of illustrations of pupils and eyes hand drawn by Andy Warhol inspired the new Super collection

words Editorial Staff

When you fall in love with someone it’s difficult to forget him… and it’s impossible if his name is Andy Warhol! For the fourth year in a row, SUPER had the opportunity to design the exclusive and collectible eyewear collection in collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. Centered around a 1950s iconic motif sourced from the Foundation’s archives—a series of illustrations of pupils and eyes hand drawn by Andy Warhol during his career as a successful commercial illustrator in New York City—the collaboration celebrates an avant-garde approach to creativity by interpreting the drawing in three-dimensional form.

The collaboration between the New York-based foundation and the Italian brand includes two tongue in cheek sunglasses that interpret Andy Warhol’s legacy at the intersection of art and design. The resulting sunglasses  merge together high-tech structural composition, innovative materials and groundbreaking design to celebrate the timeless appeal of Andy Warhol’s  artistic genius. The two models were conceived as experimental pieces of eyewear designed for collectors and arts enthusiasts. Starting from Warhol’s elegant blotted-line hand drawings of eyes, Super’s designers have created two new silhouettes that encapsulate the drawing as a key element of their design.