Notes | December 5, 2017

Antwerp: the space between

Komono spring/summer 2018 sunglasses collection is inspired by one of the most inspiring city of Belgium

words Editorial Staff

Antwerp’s renowned aesthetic and its unique fashion culture is the muse of the spring/summer sunglasses collection of Komono. The brand considers Antwerp as The Space Between, where classic and contemporary meet and the distinction between art and design fades. Tha last campaign is shot entirely at Antwerp’s deSingel International Arts Campus, where the building’s organic flow between concrete and wood paneling become the perfect stage to highlight the collection’s bold materials, unique color blends, and minimalist design.

A fresh and contemporary aesthetic characterize all the new sunglasses, included in five collection: Frosted, Sol, Tortoise Black and Clear Demi Marine. The clean design of Frosted Collection  translates ice’s organic charm into a fresh form, featuring ice-white acetate frames, silver mirror lenses, and glimmering steel temples. Sol Collection has a bold blend of warm yellow and sharp white to outshine the sun. If you prefer to let your personality shine Clear Demi’s transparent patterns are the best choice. Tortoise Black Collection is available in five Komono shapes, from the Robyn’s subtle lines to the Kandice’s bold look. Finally Marine collection, which combines KOMONO’s signature flat frames and steel temples with arresting deep blue lenses that demand a second glance.