Notes | January 8, 2018

MonkeyGlasses – Trust

All frames of Trust collection are made from biodegradable cotton fibers and stainless steel

words Editorial Staff

What do we need for this new year? For MonkeyGlasses just some trust. Trust that our actions does matter. Trust that when we choose to buy sustainable products, isn’t just a drop of water in the ocean, but that our choices makes a difference. Trust that together, we are able to change the way we consume. Trust that together we can make sure, that the planet we leave for our children is in good shape.

Trust is the name of the new collection of MonkeyGlasses, which is simple, slim and sustainable. All frames are made from biodegradable cotton fibers and stainless steel, which is a 100 % recyclable material. The collection was created with care and consideration for the planet, and the people involved in making our glasses. The campaign images were shot in the streets of Copenhagen and show people from two generations, who was born into the same world, but to very different ways of living. The amazing thing is, they have the same hopes and dreams for the future, and a deep respect for mother nature.