Interviews | February 21, 2018

Eco – Giovanni Lo Faro

Managing Director Giovanni Lo Faro gets us into the innovative world of Eco, the brand for true nature-lovers, founded by the New York-based company Modo

words Antonella Reina

The idea of being ‘green’ has been around for many years, but at Eco sometimes they feel that there can still be some prejudice when it comes to ‘ecological’ products. Giovanni Lo Faro explains the golden rules of a brand which aims to create collections without any compromise in terms of quality and design.

What is the best question we could ask you? The worst?

The best question you could ask is: ‘Are you proud of Eco?’ When we launched it in 2009, we were game-changers in the industry with our combination of design and environmental ethics. Even today, Eco is driving innovation, thanks to the materials we use in our frames. That’s why we are so proud of Eco. However, the ‘worst’ question could be the same. We strive for perfection in everything we do, so pride can be our own worst enemy! We always want to do more, and although we’re very proud of how far Eco has come, we feel that there is still a long way that Eco can go.

Eco is?

The only eyewear fully conceived around environmental sustainability… Much more than simply a brand, Eco is a lifestyle!

What is the concept behind the brand?

The Eco concept relies on three golden rules: Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good. We design each frame with a boutique approach that is on trend (Look Good) and we use recycled and biobased materials to make comfortable and environmentally sustainable frames (Feel Good). Finally, to Do Good, Eco plants a tree for each frame you buy. We have planted more than 1.5 million trees and help farming communities become more self-sufficient!

What is innovative and what is traditional about them?

Innovation is in our materials. Our biobased material, for example, is unique because it’s made with 63% castor seeds; that means we are able to create a plastic frame with a low percentage of chemical components. The recycled material frames – acetate and stainless steel – are our other big ‘branch,’ and they are made with 95% recycled content. Many collections on the market are biodegradable or recyclable, but Eco is the only brand to minimize the use of new resources in the manufacturing of frames. And that’s what makes Eco unique. As for traditional, that word really doesn’t belong in our dictionary!

How would you describe an Eco frame?

Eco-chic, easy to wear, sustainable. For true nature-lovers.

You are unique because…

We create new and innovative concepts with earth-friendly materials, and with our program One Frame – One Tree, in partnership with the NGO Trees For the Future, we plant a tree for each frame sold.

What are the features of the last collection and its inspiration?

Our latest collection takes inspiration from nature. We played with natural hues and textures to evoke different natural landscapes around the globe. Plus, we mixed our traditional materials – combining biobased fronts and recycled stainless steel temples.

Why this inspiration?

We believe nature is part of the individual and that eyewear is a way to express an individual’s personality. So, the connection is simple: we wanted people to wear nature through their frames. We extended this concept in the creation of our new ‘I Wear Nature’ campaign.

How much has the brand changed over the years?

Our most noticeable change is the combination of biobased and recycled materials into a single frame, and the introduction of magnetic sun-clips. Even with the sun-clips, we’re using biobased materials in their construction. We’ve also grown ‘greener’ by planting over 1.5 million trees!

Achievements and things you are still striving for…

Eco’s greatest achievement is reaching more than 1.5 Million trees planted, thanks to the One Frame – One Tree program. We want to show our commitment to giving back to the planet and concretely empower many people to make a better living. That’s a vital part of the brand, and what Modo really strives for as a company.

What feeling do people get from wearing an Eco frame?

That one is easy… they feel good, obviously! We hope that every customer will get the feeling that with their choice to purchase Eco, they are working with us towards solutions that preserve and renew the planet.

How does the world look through a pair of Eco glasses?

The world looks better.