Notes | March 14, 2018

Heritage Limited Edition celebrates L.G.R 10th anniversary

Heritage Limited Edition reinterprets 4 iconic models of the brand: Asmara, Casablanca, Keren and Reunion

words Editorial Staff

A journey to Asmara and to Ottica Bini, where the story of L.G.R has begun. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the brand has launched the Heritage Limited Edition, a collection composed by a new interpretation of the vintage frames discovered by Luca Gnecchi Ruscone in the Eritrean city, in the warehouse of his grandfather, Raffaello Bini. Raffaello used to import cameras, lenses and sunglasses from the Thirties to the Seventies and the adventure of L.G.R has started after a trip to Asmara, when Raffaello asked to his grandson Luca to come back with him to Asmara.

Asmara, Casablanca, Keren and Reunion are the 4 iconic models reproposed. The new models, each in a different colour, are made of matt acetate and are equipped with polarized tempered mineral glass lenses. The side flaps, an avant-garde touch, are for the first time made of cellulose acetate. The flaps are also characterized by small and sophisticated apertures which have been inspired by the lines of the three-light window in Raffaello Bini’s store (Ottica Bini) in the suburbs of Asmara. This element is also present in the first flagship store of the brand, opened this November in the prestigious Brera district in Milan, at 36 Corso Garibaldi. The boutique features shop windows inspired by neo-Gothic/Venetian shapes, reminiscent of Raffaello’s store in Africa. Also the logo, created ad hoc for this collection, is an elegant stylization of the three-light window. The 4 models are contained in a stylish leather box. If purchased individually, they are delivered in an exclusive, customized packaging formed by a box and a canvas case.