Notes | March 8, 2018

Nuiit: lenses for all light conditions

Natural 37 ACE lenses are the new lenses by Nuiit that guarantee the wearer maximum comfort and visual protection

words Editorial Staff

Natural 37 Ace lenses are the new innovative lenses presented at the last Mido by Nuiit. The brand is very focused on safety and protection of the eye. These unique lenses improve the perception of contrasti for a natural perfect vision brighter and sharper, guaranteeing the wearer maximum comfort and visual protection.

These lenses are perfect in all light conditions, they protect the eye against UV rays up to 400nm (UV 400), much more above the standard. The chromatic  tonality with a degrading effect is given with the addition of ultra thin layers of fluorides and metal oxides. Maximum protection against reflected light obtained by multi-layer anti-glare and the better color and contrast improvement, due to the presence of some natural minerals – the rare earth elements melted to the glass (ACE) – make the NAT 37 ACE an exclusive lens.