Notes | March 21, 2018

Occhialeria Artigiana – Co-ed Collection

Asymmetric and iconic, Fausta model from Co-ed capsule has a special bond with art

words Editorial Staff

High level craftsmanship and digital manufacturing, these elements totally describe the style of Occhialeria Artigiana and of its capsule Co-ed Collection. This special collection is made by some young hand makers of Potenza, a city in Basilicata, Italy. Iconic, timeless but always contemporary, Co-ed Collection is part of the Ageless collection, thought to last beyond the fashion seasons.

The collection must have is Fausta (in the picture), the asymmetric model that Occhialeria Artigiana has created for XXI Triennale Di Milano. The high quality mirror glasses are the main peculiarity of Fausta model, which are made through the combination of technologies innovations in the production and design.