Notes | March 5, 2018

Thinwood: lightness and strength

Ergonomic design and flexibility, Thinwood frames are easy to wear and it feels like people wouldn’t wear

words Editorial Staff

Just 6-8 grams of weigh: this is why wearing a pair of Thinwood it’s almost like no wearing glasses.  Extremely thin, light, but strong, Thinwood will make you forget about them. Although the wood used is so special that the frame is only 0.6 millimetres thin before coating (the final width is less also than 1 millimetre), the frame remains flexible and strong at the same time. The technical specifications are similar to titanium eyewear. The frames can tolerate just as much wear and tear as classic, solid wood frames.

Founded in Budapest in 2015, the brand is proud to say that Thinwood eyeglasses are the thinnest and the lightest in the world. Comfort is another important keyword of the brand, so they use silicone nose pads and special temples that ensure that glasses stay put on the face and do not slip. Each pair of glasses is hand made and Thinwood selects all the materials and supervises the entire manufacturing process.