Brands | April 27, 2018

Be unique

Perfect and tailor-made. This is personalized eyewear by Lozza, with a sartorial service and an exclusive project set up with the aim of creating a refined and totally unique product

words Carolina Saporiti

We all want to be unique and instantly recognisable. This has always been the case, but nowadays a little more so. So we’re looking for rare items that can be personalised, that distinguish us and become a distinctive trait: the way we are recognised. And when we’re talking about glasses this need inevitably becomes urgent because the frames outline our faces, interpret them and shape them. To meet this need – and staying true to its nature – Lozza launched the Sartoriale project, a tailor-made offer expressed in 5 models, divided into three families, in titanium and acetate. Founded in 1878, Lozza is the oldest Italian eyewear manufacturer. This is not just a historical record; the brand has become ‘the way to be’ as far as manufacturing requirements are concerned: “Do it well, and do it first”. In other words: be at the forefront and stay innovative, pay attention to the needs of the market and its clients, but at the same time, never abandoning Made in Italy craftsmanship, know-how and hand manufacturing. Lozza Sartoriale is therefore a tailor-made project that meets the needs of even the most demanding of clients, but not just because you can customise the appearance of the glasses; they can be tailored according to specific functional requirements as well. There are two sets of protagonists at Lozza Sartoriale: the customers and the opticians. The latter, despite their expertise and access to the best possible tools, follow step by step, they put together the best pair of glasses for the face of the person in front of them.

With the Sartoriale project, eyewear is adapted to the shape of that particular face as the opticians can adapt the measurements of the various individual component parts – the earpieces and the front faces. When composing the frames it’s possible to choose between a pantoscopic or a square shape: the arms can be made entirely from titanium or from titanium with an acetate end piece. The customer can then have a combination of components, along with a choice of colours and finishes. To further embellish the frame, they can be customised with a name or a written text of the customer’s choice. That same text can also be printed on to the glasses case. And you can have that printed onto the case for your glasses as well. The five frames are made with a titanium bar and rim, a material with high corrosion resistance and low density and therefore ultra lightweight. This material is 100% biocompatible, non-toxic and hypo-allergenic; therefore perfect for any customer, even the most demanding. The project was created with the aim of manufacturing a unique and refined product that could enhance the key values of the brand: Italian style, craftsmanship, attention to detail and innovation; as well as those of the customers: originality and uniqueness. Knowing you own an item that’s been tailor-made for you, which adapts perfectly to your face is one of today’s true luxuries.