Campaign | April 6, 2018

Oliver Peoples – In Conversation

Dorian Grinspan, Lawrence Van Hagen, Festen Architecture, Tasya van Ree, Jordan Watson, Lianne La Havas, CYN are the protagonist of the new campaign of Oliver Peoples

words Editorial Staff

Let’s talk about the creativity: in Conversation is the last campaign by Oliver Peoples and a meditation on the creative process. Eight remarkable talents, each one a vanguard in their arena, engage in discussions that grant insights into their crafts, delving into their varied inspirations and aspirations to reveal eight ingenious ways of seeing. Set against the backdrop of the breathtaking John Lautner’s Harpel House, a historic Hollywood home that displays architectural mastery and astounding elegance, this series brings together figures that both reflect and inspire the brand. It features charismatic magazine mogul Dorian Grinspan paired with art world prodigy Lawrence Van Hagen, acclaimed Parisian design duo Festen Architecture, ethereal artist Tasya van Ree, curatorial mastermind Jordan Watson, as well as the soulful songstress Lianne La Havas and rising popstar CYN.

While each of these talents is undeniably of the moment, they simultaneously possess that impalpable timeless quality. “Over the past two years as Creative Director of Oliver Peoples, I’ve had the chance to meet many talented and creative people from different industries all around the world. When conceptualizing our campaign, it came naturally to think of presenting authentic and interesting individuals as the faces for the brand. From architecture to design, from music to art and photography, “In Conversation” represents both an inspiration for my work and the embodiment of the Oliver Peoples values and aesthetic.” – Giampiero Tagliaferri, Creative Director, Oliver Peoples.