Brands | May 17, 2018

Hoffmann Natural Eyewear

The special Anniversary collection celebrates the German company’s 40th birthday awaking its past creations to a brand new life

words Editorial Staff

To celebrate its first 40 years of activity, Hoffmann Natural Eyewear has created a special Anniversary collection as a design project. The new line is composed of the company’s frames from various past eras and breathing fresh inspiration into them. The inspiration arrives straight from original designs of the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, 2010s and one from today and these creations have succeeded in turning yesterday into today. Thanks to the virtuosity of new technologies, the charm, look and lifestyle from each decade are awaken to a new life, with a contemporary, richer touch on ‘old’ themes. The result? Retro-inspired, wearable new models pay tribute to the hugely successful frames of past decades. They made history and have made Hoffman what it is today.
The 70s are revealed with model 40 – I, which shows off a striking, cunningly layered double bridge; the collection moves to the 80s thanks to the oversize curves of 40 – II and it breaks into the 90s through the layer effects of 40 – III. It lands in the 2000s with the brilliancy of the natural horn of 40 – IV. The journey continues with the delicate frame with tiramisu layers of 40 – V and reaches the present with the bold shape of 40 – VI.